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#7 - Daniel Bustamante

I first came across Daniel on Twitter and have been a fan of his projects. From his newsletter, Rational Creatives to this recent project The Online Writing Bible. We talk about his projects, validating business ideas, and more.

#6 - Damien de Gouveia

Damien and I have been friends since meeting in university. We both studied industrial engineering and have enjoyed many conversations about productivity, philosophy and so much more. This episode is about productivity and curiosity and how these two concepts intertwine.

#5 - Herman Martinus of Bear Blog

Herman is a software developer, indie hacker and creator of Bear Blog, a website that lets you start blogging while keeping your pages tiny, fast and optimized for search engines.

#4 - Eric Vanular of Collective Energy

Eric is an indie hacker, software developer, consultant and creator of Collective Energy, a community for individuals working together to combat climate change. He also created Enviro.work which is an affiliated green jobs board. And he built it using Django.

#3 - Allison Seboldt of Fantasy Congress

Allison is a software developer, indie hacker, and creator of Fantasy Congress, an online game that takes a fantasy sports spin on politics.

#2 - Justin Mitchel of Coding For Entrepreneurs

Justin is an entrepreneur, coder, avid tech enthusiast, and creator of CodingForEntrepreneurs.com, which offers project-based courses on Django, Python, JavaScript, Machine Learning and many other technologies.

#1 - Cory Zue of SaaS Pegasus

Cory is a software developer and has been part of the indiehackers community for quite a while now. He’s built many side-projects, one of them being SaaSPegasus, which is a Django powered SaaS template that you can use to bootstrap your projects.

Matt Freire